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  • We would like to give a special thank you to the people that have been so instrumental to the success of the program. We can’t win without great coaching and all the little things that are done and perhaps not seen are just as important and vital for our success. This is a heartfelt thank you for all that you did and all that many of you continue to still do.

    Lifetime Champions of the Program

    Name Position Years
    Harold Phillips Photographer 1980-present
    Jim Franco Ballboy 1978-1989
    Charlie Gebauer Chain Gang 1980-present
    Paul Gebauer Chain Gang
    John Woods Manager/MCTV 1982-2008
    Frank Tordoff MCTV Broadcast 1992-Present
    Kent Sprague MCTV Play by Play 1990-Present
    Steve Fuest MCTV Videographer 1995-Present
    Hal Levy MCTV Broadcaster 1986-1990
    Chris Wallack MCTV Play by Play 1986-1990
    Sherry Sweitzer Booster Club 2006-Present
    Dale Sweitzer Sr. Booster Club 2006-Present
    Rich Fasano Band Director
    Pat Shonk Band Director
    John Gage Band Direcor
    Terri Ajaski Trainer 1999-Present
    Dave Mastroianni Coach 2005-Present
    Mike Ciotti Coach 2006-Present
    Gary Gravina Coach 2009-Present
    Mike Ferraiolo Coach 2009-Present
    Erik Becker Coach 2001-Present
    Steve Filippone Coach 1979-Present
    Don Giles Coach 1997-Present
    Rich Bello Coach 2005-Present
    Craig Semple Athletic Director -Present
    Larry Ciotti Coach 1970-1988
    Steve Sekula Coach 1979-2005
    Bill Golden Coach 1971-1978
    Frank Barron Coach 1981-2003
    Brad Buffington Coach 1986-1988
    Jim Flanagan Coach 1978-2003
    Pete Anderson Coach 1997-2003
    Chris Hylan Coach 1995-1997
    Pete Nye Coach 2001-2009
    Chris Doraz Coach 2006-2008
    Ned Lynch Coach 1997-1999
    Jim May Coach
    Dave Delise Coach
    Justin Kingsley Coach 2010-Present
    Matt Alteri Coach 1993-1996
    Paul Korik Coach 1989-1992
    Dan Zaneski Sr. Coach 1985-1988
    Tony Ginnetti Coach 1982-1988
    Chip Sawyer Coach 1993-1996
    Paul Philpott Coach 2005-Present
    Mike Conti Coach 2012
    Scott Sweitzer Coach 1992-2007, 2013
    Jay Pasqualoni Coach 2003-2005
    Dale Sweitzer Coach 2012
    Matt Piombino Coach 2010-Present
    Guy Tuccero Coach 2010-Present
    Mike Menehan Coach 1976-1978
    Bill Abbott Coach 1981-1983
    Bob Duncanson Athletic Director 1970-1988
    Pat McQuilin Coach 1970's
    Warren Miller Coach 1971-1975
    Charlie Cocores Coach 1970's
    Lou Drago Coach 1971-1976
    Stephen McIntyre Coach 1992,1994-1995,2012-Present
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